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Data Sheets and Guides

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To download a Data Sheet simply right click on the one you want
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All Data Sheets are in PDF format.

A3 A4 A5
A3 1-page A4 1-page A5 1-page
A3 Bifold to A4 A4 4-page A5 4-page
A3 Gate Fold A4 6-page A5 6-page
A3 Quarter Fold A4 Bifold to A5 A5 8-page Quarter Fold
  A4 Booklet A5 8-page
  A4 Trifold - Letter A5 10-page
  A4 Trifold - Z-fold A5 12-page
  A4 Gate Fold A5 Bifold to A6
    A5 Booklet


A6 A7 DL
A6 1-page A7 1-page DL 1-page
A6 4-page A7 4-page DL 4-page
A6 6-page A7 6-page - Letter DL 6-page - Letter
A6 8-page A7 6-page - Z-fold DL 6-page - Z-fold
A6 12-page A7 8-page DL 8-page
A6 16-page Triple Parallel Fold A7 10-page DL 10-page
A6 16-page Parallel + z-fold A7 12-page DL 12-page
A6 Bifold to A7 A7 14-page DL 16-page Triple Parallel Fold
A6 Booklet A7 Booklet DL 16-page Parallel + z-fold
A6 Gate Fold   DL Booklet


Booklets Cards Other
A4 Booklet Business Card A4 Folder Cutter
A5 Booklet Folding Business Card CD Page
A6 Booklet A7 Card 120mm Square Page
A7 Booklet A7 Folding Card  
A8 Booklet    
DL Booklet    


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