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General Guidance


  1. Please read the Artwork Guidelines before sending us your material.

  2. Please read any Quotation you have received - noting the specification, price and estimated turnaround time.

  3. Please carefully check any Proofs you have received before you email your approval.

All published prices are for printing one item per order.

Emails - Everything relating to your order will be communicated by email so there is a clear paper trail for each job - this gives us a reference to work from, avoids misunderstandings and can help if any issues arise later on.

Phone - We are happy to discuss any item, answer questions and offer general advice over the phone - but we only provide quotes, take payments, make corrections or accept proof approvals either through our website or by email.

If things go wrong - we'll happily make amends but we must first investigate the issue, identify the cause, talk to the various operatives, perhaps call in an engineer to make adjustments or repairs and only after this assessment has been made can we put the matter right.

Be polite - Any bullying or abuse of our staff will be met with bullying and abuse in return. Our service is for professional people and we have zero tolerance for any 'consumer' type behaviour.

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