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Types of Folding

Paper up to 150gsm normally folds very well, but heavier material will crack along the fold. To address this problem thicker material (from 170gsm up to 300gsm) is creased prior to folding (an extra process) and this is reflected in our prices.

Print4biz Bi-fold or fly fold

Print4biz Tri-fold or letter fold Print4biz Gate fold Print4biz Z-fold or zigzag fold

4 Sides
Half fold, Bifold or fly fold

6 Sides
Letter fold, C-fold or trifold

6 Sides
Gate fold

6 Sides
Z-fold, concertina or zigzag fold

Print4biz French fold or quarter fold

Print4biz Letter fold with a cross fold Print4biz Zed fold with a cross fold Print4biz z-fold + crossfold

8 Sides
French fold, quarter fold or cross fold

12 Sides
Letter fold with a cross fold

12 Sides
Z-fold with a cross fold

16 Sides
Z-fold with a cross fold

Print4biz Accordian or concertina fold

Print4biz Parallel map fold Print4biz Reverse map fold Print4biz Parallel double fold

8 Sides or more
Accordion or concertina fold

8 Sides
Parallel map fold

8 Sides
Reverse map fold

8 Sides
Double parallel fold

Print4biz Roll fold

Print4biz fold and staple Print4biz Custom or Bespoke fold Print4biz folding

8 Sides or more
Roll fold or spiral fold

Booklets & magazines
Stapled or Saddle stitched

Multi Pages
Throw out and inset

4 Sides
Tent fold, fly fold, half fold or bifold

Print4biz map folding

If you need unusual folds like medical, pharmaceutical or map folds please email.


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