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Digital Printing

Most digital printing machines are based on photocopier technology using different coloured powders baked onto the surface of the paper to produce the image - although some do use their own specialist inks.

Inkjet printers (office desktops, photo and large format 'sign printing' machines) also come under the banner of digital printing.

Digital printing has a higher cost per page than lithographic printing but this price is usually offset by avoiding the cost of all the technical steps required to 'make-ready' a modern lithographic printing press.

The quality is not yet up to the standard of modern litho printing - but the man in the street would find it difficult to spot the difference.

These systems work directly from electronic data and avoid the intermediate stage of printing plates. Because these machines use an inherently four-colour process (CMYK) there is no cost saving to be made from using one or two-colour designs.

For more information about printing processes visit Wikipedia - click here.

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