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We are an alliance of successful stand-alone businesses all with separate price structures and clientele, who offer our spare production capacity at knock-down prices over the internet under the trading name of Print4biz.

How do we keep prices so low?

Imagine photocopying a business card - it's small enough to put 6, 8 or 10 different cards up together on a single A4 sheet and copy them at the same time - well that's how we print.

We don't produce one order at a time instead we print up to 32 orders or more at the same time on a large printing press. This means the set-up costs are split between multiple orders which keeps the cost for each customer very low.

See wikipedia for a more detailed explanation of 'gang-run' printing.

Print4biz handles all the enquiries, prepares all the quotes, makes sure the artwork is 'print-ready', supplies proofs and organizes payment, in other words all the 'client-side' stuff - which leaves the associate printers to simply log-on to the system and download whatever jobs they need to fill any spare capacity they may have on that particular day. We also outsource orders to producers all over the world - providing they can meet our price, quality and turnaround times.

Customer Base

The majority of our customers are advertising agencies, design studios, art departments, sales and marketing companies and, of course, other printers - who, in the main, are all familiar with graphics terminology and professional software.

We try not to dumb-down, we use technical terms where appropriate and we assume our customers have a working knowledge of bleed, margins, dpi, vectors, bitmaps and so on.

However we never turn work away so if there are things you don't understand please click on the Help button at the top left of the opening screen and browse or view the glossary for explanations of technical terms - or simply use the contacts page to ask us any questions you like.



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